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    1. 2000 Diesel Engine (390-900Kw) 1. Improved fuel economy: compared with our first generation, it offers up to 10 g/kw.h in terms of fuel economy
      2. Increased power output: it provides up to 120kW than the first generation
      3. Low noise level and stability ...
    1. 3000 Diesel Engine(600~1200kW) 1. Structure type: 4-stroke, direct injection combustion chamber, water cooling, exhaust gas turbocharged and inlet air inter cooling
      2. Number and arrangement of cylinders: 12 or 8-cylinder, V shape, 60° angle
      3. Net weight: 7200~11000Kg...
    1. B3000 Diesel Engine(900~1360kW) Features of B3000 Diesel Engine:
      1. Compact structure, simple maintenance
      2. More rugged, powerful and durable
      3. Improved reliability, better fuel economy ...
    1. 4000 Long-stroke Diesel Engine 1. Economical operation, reduced downtime
      2. Designed for the machine and equipment with big load changes
      3. Power: 1000 kW and 1200 kW
      4. Fuel consumption: ≤202 g/kW.h...
    1. 6000 Diesel Engine(1160~2400kw) 1. Newly-designed on the basis of the latest technology from China and AVL of Austria
      2. Increased diesel efficiency, stronger economy
      3.Structure type: 4-stroke, direct injection combustion chamber, water-cooled......